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The following promotional web content was commissioned by Mirsada Skincare, which is based in San Francisco. This entailed providing detailed user instructions and descriptions of products in an aesthetically concise format generated for online presentation.

Handcrafted Herbal Skin Care

About Us

For over 30 years, Handcrafted Herbal Skincare has used its extensive knowledge of herbal cosmetics to treat, cleanse, and purify any type of skin. Using powerful ingredients such as yarrow, olive leaf, sage, chamomile, and rosemary, we hand pick our herbs the same day they’re processed to unlock their full medical potency and produce the highest concentration possible. Unlike artificial products that use harmful chemicals to burn and peel layers off skin, our natural treatments unlock the properties of powerful herbs used for thousands of years to not just cleanse but heal the surface of your body. Your skin can feel the difference: even days after use, you’ll still feel the effects of a deep-pore cleansing created by natural antibodies and vitamins actively working to purify and hydrate your skin. 

Our herbal skin products can treat any degree of acne, cleansing pores deep beneath the surface of skin to eliminate breakouts, blackheads, hardened oil, and dead skin cells. The result? Glowing, healthy skin nurtured throughout the day by natural herbs that leave your face feeling cleansed and hydrated. 

At Handcrafted Herbal Skincare, healing skin is our passion. We use our well-practiced craft to promote happiness and well-being, ensuring you walk away feeling as radiant as your skin. 

Don’t just clean your skin. Purify it.

Sage Morning Wash

Our best-selling treatment, Sage Morning Wash uses freshly ground sage to penetrate deep into pores, removing hardened oils and impurities. Deemed a sacred plant in ancient times for its healing properties, sage was used as both an antibiotic and antiseptic to treat skin diseases, and remains to this day a staple in modern medicine for the treatment of acne and dermatitis. Often called our “miracle wash”, Sage Morning Wash harnesses the power of sage to clean out your skin like never before. 

To do this, Sage Morning Wash uses mild enzymes to dissolve dead skin and stimulate blood circulation to promote the growth of new cells, creating a clearer, smoother complexion. Using a natural preservative from the Adriatic Sea, Sage Morning Wash also alleviates inflamed skin, making it an ideal aftershave to soothe irritation caused by razor burn.

Instructions for Use

The first step in our recommended treatment, Sage Morning Wash should be applied before any other product. Please follow the instructions listed, or watch the video below for a demonstration of proper use. 

1. Using fingertips, massage one teaspoon of Morning Sage Wash into dry skin using small, circular movements. Continue massaging for a full minute. 
2. Wetting a hand towel with warm water, press the towel to face for a moment, then use circular motions to gently wipe off treatment. Fold the towel occasionally to ensure a clean surface. 
3. Rinse face with warm water. 
4. Using a dry towel, scrub face dry with brisk, aggressive motions to remove excess skin cells and bacteria. 
5. Follow up with Yarrow Herbal Toner to soothe and hydrate skin.

Yarrow Herbal Toner

Our Yarrow Herbal Toner acts as an antibacterial and antifungal to heal oily skin, dry skin, and skin that suffers from acne or inflammation. In addition to containing yarrow, regarded throughout history as a powerful healing agent, we added chamomile, propolis and olive leaf to ensure that our Yarrow Herbal Toner heals your skin in a soothing yet effective manner. 

Named after the celebrated Greek hero (Achillea millefolium), Achilles and his soldiers reportedly carried yarrow with them to treat their wounds from battle. A powerful medicinal herb, yarrow contains salicylic acid (for acne), vitamin K, flavonoids (to protect the skin), and amino acids (to promote regenerative power in cells). Our Yarrow Herbal Toner’s natural oil also increases circulation as an anti-rheumatic, and can be used as a scalp treatment to prevent hair loss.

Instructions for Use

Recommended for use after first applying our Sage Morning Wash treatment. Please follow the instructions listed, or watch the video below for a demonstration of proper use. 

1. Ensure skin is completely clean and dry. 
2. Placing nozzle 1-2 inches from face, spray toner onto skin, massaging gently with fingertips.
3. Continue spraying until skin no longer absorbs treatment. 
4. Follow up with Propolis Moisturizer. 

Instructions for Use on Scalp to Prevent Hair Loss

1. Apply toner to hair, massaging into scalp with fingertips. 
2. After a few hours (the longer, the better), wash hair with a half-and-half mixture of shampoo and Sage Morning Wash. Recommended to massage fresh lemon juice into scalp ten minutes before washing hair. 
3. Do not use hair conditioner after treatment. If further application is desired, apply coconut oil to scalp after hair is almost dry.

Propolis Moisturizer
“I had put on a skin peel that was only supposed to only remain on for ten minutes, but I used it overnight. The next day, my skin was horribly burned. All I wanted was to remove the pain, so I began using the Propolis Moisturizer. After 32 hours, my skin was completely healed - the moisturizer healed my skin, and I now use it for sunburns.”

Our Propolis Moisturizer is ideal for treating acne, alleviating burns and inflammation, and healing wounds on the skin. A natural antibiotic, propolis is a potent medicinal herb that kills bacteria and fungi and possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Containing more than two hundred ingredients, including seven vitamins and twenty-two minerals, propolis destroys microorganisms on the skin to help create healthy new tissue and purify existing skin cells. 

In addition to the medical properties of propolis, the Propolis Moisturizer offers the benefits of chamomile extract, sage, and yarrow. Just for good measure, we also added the powerful antioxidant vitamin E, extracted naturally using wild nuts from the Amazon. Vitamin E helps repair skin, fight aging and wrinkles, lower the risk of skin cancer, and diminish scar tissue caused by acne.

Instructions for Use

Recommended for use after applying our Yarrow Herbal Toner. Please follow the instructions listed, or watch the video below for a demonstration of proper use. 

1. Placing nozzle 1-2 inches from face, spray moisturizer onto clean skin, massaging gently with fingertips. Spray 2-3 times per target area. 
2. If treatment begins to feel oily due to excessive use, apply Yarrow Herbal Toner (see instructions) to dissolve the treatment until oily sensation fades. 


“After pregnancy, my skin really flared up. However, I couldn't use any products that weren't all-natural because I was still breast feeding. My skin kept getting worse. It was painful and embarrassing. I was about to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows, and there wasn't enough make-up to cover up all my acne. I was desperate to have nice skin. My prayers were answered when I found Mirsada. She gave me all these products that she made herself that were completely natural from ingredients she found at farmer's markets. I followed the exact regime she gave me. A miracle happened! When I woke up on Thursday morning, my skin had been completely transformed. It was unbelievable. It was a miracle. Mirsada is a healer. I am a believer. I can't get enough of her special herbal cleanser and her moisturizer is so light but makes my skin soft and radiant. For the first time in my life, I have real hope that I might actually have the kind of skin that someone would complement.”

-Carolyne, San Francisco

“I have suffered from acne since I was twenty. I tried everything from acne washes to over-the-counter medication. Towards the end of last year I broke out badly with hormonal acne, mostly around my jaw line and cheeks. They were really inflamed and hurt. I was so self-conscious about my skin. Especially having it cleared for such a long time. … Once I started to break out again, a friend of mine recommended me to Mirsada. She made my skin look like a babies butt and I haven't had any breakouts since I've been seeing her. … I highly recommend anyone who has acne issues or scars to come see her. I wouldn't go to anyone else now. She is my life savior! Thank you, Mirsada, for making my face clear and smooth.”

-Ashley, Livermore