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"David is very personable and a genuine pleasure to work with. He is not only imaginative and creative in his work, he also pays great attention to detail and is adept at managing multiple aspects of a project with many moving pieces, people and deadlines. He successfully managed a team of writers and ensured that their work was of high quality by providing thorough training, constant review, feedback, and communication with team members. Moreover, his creativity, adaptability, good nature and sense of humor facilitated an excellent relationship with the client. You would be lucky to have him on or leading your team."

-Mary Range, Localization Project Manager at SDL

"David’s work ethic and focus are truly admirable. His writing is engaging and, when required, highly targeted toward achieving the outlined marketing goals. He takes direction well and is considerate of meeting the needs of both internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, he brings a lovely energy and warmth into the work environment each and every day."

-Hayes Bergman, Digital Marketing Manager at miVIP

"David has a deep understanding of people, and this is reflected in the respect and care with which he handles conflicts and decisions. He helped bring new life to a decades-old program, and I did not hesitate for a second to entrust him with the more rigorous programs at Camp. David is an outstanding leader and teacher who pushes all around him with his curiosity and great wisdom. I have no doubt that he will be a seed of inspiration and growth to whatever community is lucky enough to attract him, as he was the robustly beating heart of our Camp community."

-Benjamin Fisher, World Language Educator at Federal Way Public Schools


"First impressions are often spot-on. My first impression of David was of a friendly, hard-working professional who was really going places. After working with him on the Bixby project for over a year, I can confidently say that he's everything that first impression suggested and more. David has a fantastic work ethic. This is the guy who gets it done. When sudden changes to the project presented logistical and creative challenges, David's careful focus helped him sort through it and guide his team with confidence. Short deadlines? No problem. New guidelines?  He handled it. Watching him juggle so many moving parts inspired me to be a better team member. And just as my first impression suggested, I've no doubt David is going places. I can't wait to see what he does next! Obviously, David has my highest recommendation - I would work with him again in a heartbeat."

-Shannon Lee, Owner/Writer at Marvel Hill Freelance